The ASCMRC Heritage Project’s mission is to continue to collect and make available to museum visitors and researchers alike, materials and artifacts that documents the history of African Americans of Americus and Sumter County.

A major component of this project is the ASCMRC Oral History Initiative. This project is designed to audio and video record the experiences of Americus Movement veterans, regardless of whether they were active participants, or simply observers of that historic era. These recorded voices will be preserved and made available for listening by visitors to the Civil Rights Center.

An ongoing search continues for artifacts such as medical instruments, hospital room utensils, and nurse uniforms, related to the Americus Colored Hospital. During its operation, the hospital trained not only physicians, but also had a Nursing, Dental, and Midwifery School as well. The ASCMRC needs the community’s assistance in locating old, related hospital documents, such as birth certificates, names and photos of doctors, nurses, and midwives. Copies of physician licenses, and interior and exterior photos of the facility during its operation from 1923 to 1953, are requested also. Documents or photos can be offered as gifts to the museum’s Permanent Collection, or reproduced, and the originals returned to its donor.

In addition to the Oral History Project, the ASCMRC is seeking individuals and families who may have Americus Movement photos (mass meetings in churches, protest marches) flyers, newspaper articles, memorabilia, in their possession. These items also include old family photographs, old household utensils (early 1900-1960) and artifacts. The ASCMRC will gladly accept these items which can be loaned or donated to the museum for display upon its opening. Our intent is to identify, collect and organize documentation of all sorts related to Sumter County African American family history, and the Americus Movement, while examining its influence and impact as Americus has evolved through the years.

The ASCMRC wants to make the history of the Americus Civil Rights Movement a more prominent part of the overall history of African Americans in Sumter County prior to, during the civil rights era, and beyond. The powerful lessons learned from these collective experiences will be useful to this generation of social activists and freedom fighters.

If you are willing to be interviewed for the Oral History Initiative, OR donate artifacts, please contact Sam Mahone: (404)781-5459, or Juanita Wilson: (229)942-4204, and Bob Fuse: (229)994-5527.