Charles L. Mix Memorial Fund, Inc.
One Sumter Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Doris Derby / Atlanta

Accelerated Physical Therapy
Americus Best Western / Windsor Hotel
Café Campesino Roastery, Inc.
City of Americus / Tourism Council
Citizens Bank of Americus
Synovus Bank of Americus
Clinic Drug Store
Dr. Mark & Dr. Shirley Houser-Latimore
Rev. Richard & Rev. Geri Nelson
Mrs. Eloise Paschal & Mr. Stanley Paschal & Family (In memory of Mr. Willie Paschal)
Mrs. Vivian Fitzhugh, Dr. James Paschal & Mr. Douglas Paschal (In memory of Mrs. Mary Lou Paschal)
Mr. Donnie & Mrs. Robertiena Fletcher
Mr. John H. & Mrs. Juanita F. Wilson

City of Americus Public Safety Department
City of Americus / Main Street
Global Graphics
United Way
Junior Service League of Americus
J.W. Robinson & Associates, Inc. / Atlanta
Mr. Chadwick & Mrs. Mei Chuang Kuo Gugg
Mrs. Eloise Paschal
Ms. Roberta (Bobbi) Orris