The Americus Movement (1962-1966)

Until Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, segregation by race was the supreme law of the land throughout the southern United states. By law, blacks could not eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, swim in at beaches and public pools, or attend the same schools, universities or churches occupied by whites. Education and employment opportunities were restricted by race, and state, local police, and the courts, upheld and enforced these laws.

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Historic Americus Colored Hospital

The Historic Americus Colored Hospital was established in 1923 by Dr. W. William Stuart Prather. Dr. Prather, a white physician who operated the Prather Clinic on Jackson Street, was keenly aware of the need for an adequate public hospital for blacks that would provide much needed health and medical care to African Americans in Americus and Sumter County. Relying on a network of friends, he purchased the property using $30,000 of his own funds and went on to galvanize both the Americus Negro Business League and the Americus Junior Welfare League, now the Junior Service League, to raise additional funds to equip and operate the facility.

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Americus Civil Rights and Cultural Center

Beginning in 2019, the Americus-Sumter County Movement Remembered Committee, received the first of two $500,000.00 grants from the National Park Service (NPS) African American Civil Rights Preservation Fund, to rehabilitate and preserve the Historic Americus Colored Hospital building.

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The mission of the Americus-Sumter County Movement Remembered Committee is to establish the Americus-Sumter County Civil Rights and Cultural Center at the Historic Americus Colored Hospital. Its committed purpose is to commemorate the Americus and Southwest Georgia Civil Rights Movement, by identifying, acquiring, and preserving all documentation of the Americus Civil Rights Movement, the Historic Colored Hospital and the African American Family history of Sumter County. The center will serve as a local, national, and international educational resource for civil and human rights. Equally important, the ASCMRC seeks to address and aid in the resolution of conflicts involving past, current, and emerging issues of racial inequality, social, political, and economic justice.

Come Celebrate With Us!!!

You are cordially invited to the 100 Year Anniversary Celebration of The Americus Colored Hospital

The event will be held on July 22, 2023 at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church located at 411 Cotton Avenue in Americus.

The program will begin at 4pm and feature guest speakers and a presentation on the history of this important Americus landmark. There will also be a discussion of the future of the building as the Americus Sumter County Civil Rights and Cultural Center.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!