The ASCMRC is a non-profit advocacy organization that is committed to promoting and preserving the legacy of the Americus-Sumter County Civil Rights Movement of 1962-1966.

Founded in 2007 by veterans of the Americus Civil Rights Movement, the ASCMRC is committed to empowering Sumter County residents to work for change through advocacy, activism, education and economic development. Our collective vision is grounded in continuing to eliminate systemic racism, income inequality, healthcare inequality, and environmental injustices, that exist in disenfranchised and marginalized communities of color.

Sam Mahone, President

Jerutha Scott, Vice-President

Shirley Houser-Latimore, Secretary

Robertiena Fletcher, Treasurer

Carolyn DeLoatch – ASCMRC Grant Team ManagerĀ

Juanita Wilson – Membership/Outreach ChairpersonĀ

Fred Young, Financial secretary